Vintage Kitchenalia

Are you passionate about antiques and vintage homewares? Do you find beauty in old and classic décor? Or do you just love vintage styles in the home?


The History of Kitchenalia

The history of kitchen utensils dates back to the stone age, with the humble pestle and mortar being one of the first. By the mid-3000s, upper class households could afford bronze utensils. The Romans introduced many more utensils during the 8th Century, including meat hooks, spatulas, colanders, and strainers. They also introduced cooking equipment including bronze and terracotta pots and kettles.

Throughout the Middle Ages, utensils grew in popularity. 19th Century USA was responsible for the introduction of potato peelers and jelly moulds. People began to shift to other materials for kitchen utensils, such as iron, steel, nickel, and silver. The early 20th Century saw the emergence of plastics, which became a popular material for disposable kitchen utensils. Over time, more and more utensils were introduced to create modern kitchenalia that we see today.


Why Choose Vintage Kitchenalia?

‘Vintage’ means anything that has been produced in the past that is typical of its period. When you buy a piece of vintage kitchenalia, you are purchasing a piece of history. Vintage kitchenalia generally covers any items relating to the kitchen, specifically antique kitchen utensils or cooking equipment. The ‘mid-century modern’ look of the 1950s and 1960s is especially popular today.

Some antique collectors purchase kitchenalia for display purposes only, in order to add a unique look and feel to the home. Vintage kitchenalia can help transport us to another era, adding an extra special touch to your home’s interior. However, others purchase vintage kitchenalia to use for cooking and serving, as it would have been used originally. You could recreate the dishes that cooks would serve for large gatherings using antique kitchen utensils or equipment.

You could choose to feature an item of kitchenalia as a statement piece or collect your favourites and display them in a thoughtful arrangement to inject a sense of personality to your kitchen. These relatively inexpensive items can add colour and interest to a kitchen in a way that no modern plastic utensil can do.


Our Collection of Vintage Glassware

West & Co Interiors’ selection of vintage kitchenalia ranges from 1900s silver plated milk pots to Hancock & Son vintage teapots, and everything in between. Whether you are seeking a vintage cake slice, sweet dish, egg holder, biscuit cutter, jelly mould, sandwich platter, chopping board, lemon juicer or decorative dish, we’ve got you covered!

Here at West & Co Interiors, we are passionate about sourcing beautiful unique treasures that will inject a sense of personality and fun into your home. Our vintage kitchenalia collection reminisces expert craftmanship from various points in history, incorporate eye-catching colours and fascinating shapes and patterns. We guarantee you won’t lack inspiration in the kitchen with our exceptional range of antique kitchenalia!

Discover an eclectic mix of vintage and antique finds from a bygone era at West and Co Interiors.  Our stunning pieces of kitchenalia have been hand-selected and locally sourced from the heart of Dorset, each unique in its appearance and form. Our items of kitchenalia are preloved and unique and have been carefully curated to fit today’s modern home and complement all existing collections.