Vintage Decorative

Are you passionate about antiques and vintage homewares? Do you find beauty in old and classic décor? Or do you just love vintage styles in the home?


The History of Decorative Items

Variations of decorative items to embellish the home can be traced back to the cavemen, when cave dwellers painted simple pictures on their walls. Prior to the 18th Century, only the rich and noble could afford to decorate their homes, with hand-made furnishings and ornaments symbolising status and wealth. The Ancient Romans decorated their homes with impressive custom-built furniture to accommodate their needs.

Decorate items only really became popular in the 18th Century early modern period when luxury items were more accessible and affordable for ordinary people. The 19th Century welcomed mass production of items, enabling more people to decorate their home’s interiors. After the war there was a distinct renaissance in interior design, shifting from traditional to modern styles.


Why Choose Vintage Decorative Items?

‘Vintage’ means anything that has been produced in the past that is typical of its period. When you buy a vintage decorative item, you are purchasing a piece of history. You can enhance the interior of any room with some lovely vintage decorative pieces and demonstrate your appreciation for historical craftsmanship. Discover fascinating items from historical tie periods, as well as classic decorative items that remain popular to this day.

Some antique collectors purchase vintage decorative items for display purposes only, in order to add a unique look and feel to the home. Vintage decorative items can help transport us to another era, adding an extra special touch to your home’s interior. We guarantee that your home will really stand out with the addition of some fantastically unique, preloved vintage decorative items.

You could choose to feature a vintage decorative item as a statement piece or collect your favourites and display them in a thoughtful arrangement to inject a sense of personality to your home. The only limit is your imagination!


Our Collection of Vintage Decorative Items

West & Co Interiors’ selection of vintage decorative items range from Sylvac mantle vases to 19th Century antique paintings, and everything in between. Whether you are seeking a floral cushion, vintage clam shell, decorative photo frame, tea light holder, trinket dish, art deco perfume bottle, decorative hare or wooden decoy duck, we’ve got you covered!

Here at West & Co Interiors, we are passionate about sourcing beautiful unique treasures that will inject a sense of personality and fun into your home. Our vintage decorative items reminisce expert craftmanship from various points in history, incorporate eye-catching colours and fascinating shapes and patterns.

Discover an eclectic mix of vintage and antique finds from a bygone era at West and Co Interiors.  Our stunning vintage decorative items have been hand-selected and locally sourced from the heart of Dorset, each unique in its appearance and form. All items are preloved and unique and have been carefully curated to fit today’s modern home and complement all existing collections.