Vintage Home Décor Ideas for the Autumn Season

Looking for some autumn home décor inspiration? One of my favourite ways to decorate for the autumn season is using vintage items – there’s just something so warm and cosy about mixing vintage finds in with your autumn décor! Vintage pieces have so much charm and character, adding warmth and character to your home this autumn season. Keep reading to discover some of my favourite ways to decorate the home for autumn using vintage items…


10 Ideas for Decorating your Home with Vintage Items this Autumn

1) Vintage Rusted Metal

Rusty, chipped metal items look fantastic in the home, providing an attractive contrast with soft, warm colours. Postcards from the Ridge used this vintage wire egg crate to hold some of their favourite autumn throw blankets:

Here at West & Co Interiors, we currently have some fantastic rusty metal items in stock, including Vintage Small Advertising Tins and Vintage Tin Pastry Cases. Spruce up your kitchen shelves or dining table with these beautiful antique items this autumn.


2) Vintage books

Vintage books can be stacked or leaned, adding height to any autumn home décor vignette. They are a fantastic method for displaying fall décor such as pumpkins or fallen leaves, as demonstrated by Shiplap & Shells:

West & Co Interiors often has some unusual antique books in stock, including these Observer Books. Stack them, tilt them, open them, close them, lie them flat, stand them tall … the possibilities are truly endless!


3) Vintage silverware

Whether it’s polished to perfection or left in its original, tarnished state, vintage silverware is guaranteed to add some sparkle to your autumn home décor. We love how Postcards from the Ridge incorporated vintage silverware into their autumn table setting:

We have some amazing vintage silverware in stock currently, including Vintage Apostle Teaspoons, Vintage Napkin Rings, and a Hallmarked Silver Ashtray. Include them in your autumn dining table setup or display them on the mantlepiece for added interest.

4) Vintage linens

Vintage linens add a delicate, subtle texture to any autumn home vignette. Postcards from the Ridge rolled theirs up and displayed them in a cabinet with their kitchen China – we think it looks simply divine!

We often have some very pretty vintage linens here at West & Co Interiors. We currently have these stunning White Lace Tablecloths in stock – lay them on your mantlepiece or hang them in the bathroom for some simple, elegant charm.


5) Vintage copper

Copper is the perfect focal point when it comes to autumn décor. Copper pieces add warmth and softness, complimenting all those stunning autumn colours. We love these vintage copper tea, coffee, and sugar tins by Shiplap & Shells:

We LOVE copper kitchenware here at West & Co Interiors! Unfortunately, we don’t have any copperware in stock currently – but keep your eyes out for future stock…


6) Vintage bowls & trays

Wooden and metal vintage trays or bowls are great for displaying seasonal fruit or autumn pumpkins. Shiplap & Shells expertly showcased their autumn pumpkins and pinecones in this rustic metal bowl:

West & Co Interiors specialises in beautifully vintage kitchenware, and so we often have lots of bowls and trays in stock. Check out these lovely Vintage Etched Sundae Dishes and Vintage Wheat Dishes – ideal for any autumn kitchen display.


7) Vintage brass candlesticks

Vintage brass candlesticks are perfect for the autumn months, making for a beautiful mantlepiece display. We love how Dabbling & Decorating used candlesticks in their autumnal shelf display:

We currently have some fabulous Vintage Brass Candlesticks in stock, with many more on the way during the autumn and winter months. They really are a must-have for autumn home décor!


8) Vintage frames

Vintage photo frames and small mirrors layer really nicely on autumn mantle displays, adding warmth and interest. Dabbling & Decorating’s mantlepiece looks so beautiful with the addition of these vintage frames, salvaged windows, and small mirrors:

We LOVE vintage photo frames here at West & Co Interiors! Unfortunately, we don’t have any currently in stock – but keep your eyes peeled for future stock…


9) Vintage jugs

Plain-looking vintage jugs can really help enhance the moody orange and brown colours associated with autumn time. Rambling Renovators shows us a great example of this with their autumnal mantlepiece:

West & Co Interiors specialises in beautifully vintage kitchenware, and so we usually have lots of vintage jugs in stock. Check out these lovely Lord Nelson Vintage Jugs, Prince Kensington Vintage Jugs and Art Deco Arthur Wood Victory Jugs.


10) Vintage vases

There’s no better way to display your autumn blooms than with a beautiful vintage vase. Bluesky at Home filled this lovely floral vase with faux hydrangeas, tall green sprigs, and Spanish moss – simply stunning!

West & Co Interiors stocks vintage vases of all shapes and sizes. We currently have these pretty Vintage Broadstairs Mid Century Vases, Vintage Aynsley Wild Tudor Hanging Vases and Vintage Sylvac Mantle Vases in stock – ideal for displaying autumn flowers.