Vintage & Blooms: Style Your Home with Vintage Florals

Are you familiar with the vintage floral trend? Vintage floral is all about telling a story and bringing history to life, whilst displaying some beautiful blooms grown from your very own garden. Keep reading to discover our tips for styling your home with vintage florals…

Vintage & Blooms


Vintage Floral Styling Tips & Tricks

Vintage floral is all about the faded look. There may be lots of colours used, but they are muted and subtle. Faded suggests vintage, due to the wear and tear that comes with reclaimed antique pieces. There is also an emphasis on light, pastel colours.

From single-stemmed roses or tulips to big, beautiful blooms of freshly cut peonies, using real flowers within vintage styling is a great way to inject personality and beauty into any room. Ideally, the rich hues of the flowers should contrast against neutral tones. Soft red, pink and peach flowers work extremely well, especially when housed in a neutral-coloured vessel. Think of a traditional English cottage garden, with its neatly tended wildflowers and climbing roses, when arranging flowers in vintage wares.

Popular flowers for vintage displays include chrysanthemums, lilies, tulips, carnations, gladioli, and peonies. Don’t forget to add some greenery, such as gypsophila or Eucalyptus gunnii. If your thumbs are not particularly green, you can always opt for dried flowers instead – and of course, they will have a much longer display life. Dried hydrangeas look fantastic with some added touches of crimson and mauve.


How to Style Your Home with Vintage Florals

From vintage scales to rustic teakettles, many every day or more basic antique vessels can be repurposed to house fantastic floral arrangements. Check out some of our favourites below:


1) Dazzling Drawer Displays

For a truly show-stopping floral display, let your garden blooms spill out the drawers of old chests of drawers or dressers.

Floral Drawer Displays

Image source: Pamela Field, Hometalk


2) Exciting Colander Creations

Antique enamel colanders make the perfect vessel for flower arrangements in the kitchen. It even has built-in drainage – bonus!

Floral Colander Displays

Image source: Southern Crush at Home


3) Hanging Scale Spectacle

Antique hanging scales can hold a lot of blooms, making for an innovative and smart alternative to a traditional hanging basket.

Hanging Scale Floral Display

Image source: The Old Blue Bucket


4) Antique Tin Treasures

Thanks to their retro labels, assorted vintage tins can really inject a sense of personality in a room. Make sure to check for cracks and leaks before filling with water!

Antique Tin Floral Display

Image source: Ciao Newport Beach


5) Vintage Kettle Crafts

Kettles were practically made for holding water, so are naturally a great fit for including in a flower arrangement.

Vintage Kettle Floral Display

Image: Swingletree Vintage


6) Retro Bike Baskets

An old push bike with a flower-filled basket makes for the perfect piece for any event or a permanent addition to your garden.

Retro Bike Floral Display

Image source: SF Girl by Bay


7) Mason Jar Jungle

Antique 8oz mason jars make for easy and portable centrepieces. Top tip: place clear tape across the top of each jar in a grid pattern to help your flowers stay upright and evenly spaced.

Mason Jar Floral Display

Image source: Makers Corners


8) Minnow Bucket Blooms

Vintage minnow buckets have wide mouths, allowing you to fit many beautiful blooms in your arrangement.

Minnow Bucket Floral Display

Image source: The Old Blue Bucket


9) Wooden Wildflower Toolbox

Give your battered old toolbox a new lease of life by turning it into a makeshift planter. The low height of toolboxes makes them ideal for outdoor centrepieces.

Vintage Toolbox Floral Display

Image source: Stacy Ling


10)  Wooden Crate Creations

Vintage wooden crates work great for housing summer flowers. Fill the gaps in the crate with moss or green fabric.

Wooden Crate Floral Display

Image source: The Cottage Market


How West & Co Interiors Combines Vintage and Blooms

As a small child, Denise, owner of West & Co Interiors, enjoyed pottering around in her mum’s greenhouse and experimenting with seeds in the fresh air. That passion has never left her.

Since starting West & Co, Denise decided to grow her own flowers from seed in a small patch just outside her kitchen door. She gets a real thrill from growing her own flowers – sowing, watering, and nurturing the little seedlings, and watching them flourish into beautiful blooms full of colour. She then prepares the flowers for her flat lay styling, adding interest and beauty to her photographs.

Earlier this year, Denise signed up for an introduction to floristry course, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Working with flowers and foliage really helped her understand how to condition flowers before styling and how to make the arrangements her own. She came away from the course with so many new ideas to bring to West & Co Interiors.


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