How to Bring Vintage into the Modern Home

Do you love the look of vintage decorative items but are unsure about how to incorporate these in your modern home? It can be difficult to blend the two without things looking mis-matched and out of place – however, we believe that marrying vintage with modern can produce a truly unique room scheme that will stand out for all the right reasons. Follow our simple steps to successfully bring vintage into the modern home below…


Determine the Look & Feel of Your Room

As with all interior design, you should start by considering the overall look and feel that you wish to achieve. Do you want the room to feel elegant and sophisticated; fresh and clean; homely and lived-in; relaxed and comfortable; classic and traditional; or quirky and unorthodox?

Once you’ve decided on your goals for the room, you should then consider your colour palette. When mixing old and new décor, there may not be any need to add dramatic colours to your walls. Often, neutral palettes are the most successful, as this will make each individual vintage item stand out and shine.


How to Successfully Combine Vintage & Modern

A room that seamlessly combines vintage and modern is cohesive and calm, not cluttered and untidy. Invest in some good quality vintage decorative items and furnishings to create a cleaner and more put-together look. There are several ways you can successfully combine vintage and modern to create show-stoppingly beautiful interiors. Here are just some of our favourites:

  • Layer vintage items with contemporary décor – by layering multiple styles, you create a unique mix that is unique and charming, crafting a story of a home that has been carefully considered and collected over time.
  • Let your antiques make a statement – sometimes, you may find a piece of vintage homeware that is so stunning and must be used as the centre piece of your space. In these cases, you should design your room around this statement piece.
  • Create contrasts – combine old vintage items with ultra-modern lines to create a really interesting, unexpected juxtaposition that will immediately capture people’s attention.
  • Repurpose vintage items into something new – sometimes, a vintage item just doesn’t make sense in your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw it out; you can repurpose it! Add a lick of paint or replace some of the parts to create a wonderfully unique item that you will treasure forever.
  • Mix vintage items from different styles and eras – you don’t have to limit yourself to just one era when choosing vintage home décor. There can be something quite charming about mixing vintage items from different styles and eras, as they add interest and personality to the room.


Our Unique Collection of Vintage Homeware

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Here at West & Co Interiors, we are passionate about sourcing beautiful unique treasures that will inject a sense of personality and fun into your home. Our vintage homeware collection reminisces expert craftmanship from various points in history, incorporate eye-catching colours and fascinating shapes and patterns.

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